General warranty conditions

All “DESMOS®” branded jewels, if accompanied by the respective Certificate of Guarantee and Authenticity, enjoy a guarantee (the “Guarantee”) which can be activated under the conditions indicated below where, by “Customer”, we mean anyone who has purchased, from authorized sales points or on the site , a “DESMOS®” brand product. 



The “DESMOS®” branded jewels (the “Products”) are guaranteed against original defects due to their design and/or manufacturing or to the quality of the materials used for their creation (the “Defects”). If the presence of Defects on a Product is reported by the Customer and ascertained, in the ways regulated herein, the Customer will have the right to have the Product repaired or, if the repair is impossible or excessively expensive, to have it replaced. In the event that replacement is not possible (for example due to a discontinued product) the Product will be replaced with another similar one and in any case of no lower value. During the validity period of the Warranty, the Customer may report the presence of Defects by directly contacting the point of sale where he purchased the Product or by sending an e-mail to the address For the purposes of ascertaining the operation of the Guarantee as well as the nature and consistency of the Defect, the Customer may be asked to send photographic documentation or to use videoconferencing systems. If, as in the case of purchases made online, it is necessary to send the Product to the destination indicated to the Customer, the costs relating to this obligation will remain entirely at the expense of the latter. The repair of a Product in which the presence of a Defect is ascertained will be carried out within a time frame appropriate to the extent of such Defect, furthermore specifying that, in the case of replacement, the Product affected by Defects will be withdrawn.



The Guarantee does not apply if the sales price of the Product has not been paid in full, although it is specified that if payment is expected in multiple deadlines, the Guarantee will be effective immediately and will remain so until the payment deadlines are promptly honoured. The Guarantee does not apply if the Customer is not able to demonstrate the authenticity of the Product by showing the Certificate of Guarantee and Authenticity that accompanies it or other documentation certifying the purchase (receipt/invoice) at a of authorized sales points or on the website



The Warranty, except for the foreseen extensions, will have a duration of 2 (two) years from the date of purchase of the Product, it being specified that "purchase date" means the date indicated in the Certificate of Guarantee and Authenticity or in the tax documentation issued at the time of purchase. 'purchase.



All defects resulting from the following causes are excluded from the warranty:

  • Negligence and/or carelessness in the use of the Product;
  • Tampering, maintenance in general or interventions carried out by unauthorized personnel on the Product;
  • Abnormal or improper use of the Product, placement of the same in excessively hot or cold, dusty or aggressive rooms due to the presence of chlorine, lacquers, paints or other chemical and/or toxic agents to the extent that these circumstances have not been documented before purchase and the tolerability of the Products in such environments has been guaranteed;
  • Increased damage caused by the use of the Product by the Customer once the Defects have become apparent;
  • Fortuitous circumstances, causes of force majeure such as frost, overheating, fire, theft, natural events, acts of vandalism, accidents and other similar events.

The Warranty indicates the only commitments undertaken by the seller or the manufacturer in the event of discovery of Defects on a Product. Any further liability, including with reference to any indirect damage caused by the defectiveness of a Product, is hereby expressly excluded.


If our intervention is necessary during the tenth year of warranty, please take care to communicate your request only and exclusively to the following e-mail address We remind you that the costs for sending our products to the places where the repair or replacement operations will be carried out are your responsibility.